We are a sustainable brand works together with a community of women located in Chiapas, Mexico to  create authentic pieces of Mexican floral embroidery.

To preserve the traditional heritage through generations, from an early age, women of the Zinacantan region learn floral embroidery techniques. Their designs are inspired by the surrounding beauty of nature, full of vibrant colors and delicate aromas of local flower fields. They embroider their creations with the pride of mastering the techniques that women of their families taught them.

We cherish the uniqueness of these embroidery techniques by featuring the flowers shapes unchanged, bringing them to life with threads carefully selected from the local market. We share many values with the cooperative and enjoy contributing to their prosperity. 

Yolanda is one of the artisans who works closely with us. She shares about the community, its future, and her efforts to create the means for women to become economically self-sufficient.

How has your life changed after starting a cooperative and working with sustainable clothing brands like Wild Dalia?

“Our cooperative was created many years ago and has a very positive impact on the life of the women that are part of it. I think it is important that now women of the cooperative are self-sufficient and can make their own decisions. When we first started the cooperative it was difficult to acknowledge that women could earn their own money and make decisions for themselves. It took years to get used to it but now men see it as an additional source of income for the family and when we have work with tight deadlines, they sometimes even help in order to meet the deadline. We are a big family, we all contribute, help each other, and share what we earn even if it is not much. I enjoy working on developing new designs and products for sustainable clothing brands.”

What is your favorite Wild Dalia design?

“The one with white lilies. Traditionally, our designs are very colorful and this one makes a big difference because it has natural lily color.”

How do you feel knowing your craft embroidery is traveling the world and being worn by people from other countries?

“I love seeing pictures of our creations in other countries. It makes me happy to see that even if we cannot visit those countries, our creations can travel to any part of the world.”