Design & Manufacturing

Designing our embellished jean jackets we pay a lot of attention to every detail and work in close collaboration with Mexican artisans. Our garments transmit the rich traditions of Mexico, its cultural diversity, and vibrant lively colors.

Traditionally, Mexican artisans of Zinacantan in Chiapas get inspired by the blossoming flowers of this area and decorate their clothing and craft pieces with these authentic flower patterns. In Wild Dalia we seek to preserve the craft of Mexican artisans and share its beauty with the world. At the same time, together with the community of women, we work on the design, seeking to create pieces with unique designs suitable for any event.

Each of our embellished jean jackets is genuine and unique. Every time we create a new design, Wild Dalia teams makes a trip to the village of Zinacantan in Chiapas and spends a couple of days with the community of Mexican artisans, choosing the shapes, the colors, going to the local market for the threads that will later decorate our embellished jean jackets.

The embroidery process starts by transferring the design on to the cloth. Each design is manually drawn by Mexican artisans directly on the cloth. Afterwards, it is accurately covered by the layers of colorful embroidery. Typically, each jacket embroidery takes from 5 to 8 hours of work to be finished.

We are very dedicated to our work and proud to be able to spread the richness and vibrant colors of Mexican culture around the world.