The embroideries

Wild Dalia celebrates the richness of colors, cherishes textile techniques, and honors ancient traditions of Mexico.

Our embroidered denim garments are crafted in the community of native women from Chiapas, Mexico. Working in close collaboration, we create exclusive pieces inspired by nature and vibrant, lively colors of Mexico reflected in the emblematic floral embroidery.

While producing the embroidered denim, we pay a lot of attention to details. To keep the essence of each piece untouched, traditional Mexican floral embroidery shapes remain unchanged. Drawings of flowers, inspired by nature, are blended with colors and designs to create a contemporary unique piece. The floral embroidery pattern is drawn by hand directly on each jacket, which makes it a true craft masterpiece.

Being proud of traditions is a fundamental component of Wild Dalia embroidered denim garments. Our mission is to spread the beauty of Mexico around the world and let our clients feel it through our denim clothing.

Valentina, Wild Dalia founder

“I am originally from Uruguay and have spent 6 years in Mexico City. While living there I got the chance to connect with this sometimes-unknown Mexico and fall in love with its culture, its colors, its crafts and especially the traditions of floral embroidery. I had the idea of starting something that could connect other people to these beautiful Mexican embroidery creations. So, I connected with the native women community and started working with them. I admire how they get together and support each other seeking to provide better living conditions and health care for the children of the community. I am glad that through Wild Dalia embroidered denim I can share with people from different countries around the globe the beauty of Mexico. Our brand values are born in the mix of cultures, united by the power of women and the heritage of Mexican embroidery passed on from generation to generation.”